Traders vs Investors

Property Traders vs Investors.

I think there is a big difference between someone who trades in property and someone who invests in it.creating-wealth

The biggest difference is probably time. A trader will be involved with a property for a short period of time, while the investor’s involvement will be for much longer. For the property trader it will be a business and involve the tax payments, business costs, property improvements and marketing costs associated. For the investor, the tax costs are not likely to be there, no marketing costs because they hang onto the property, but could have the improvements costs before they rent it out.

Each have their own effect on the market, and the business of trading will have a more immediate effect than the investor. The trader could be involved in several properties over a short period of time, but an investor is more likely to be interested in the long term value of the property, and as an asset to be used later.

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