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More interested parties in shorter time.

Ian went beyond our expectations.
Organising & executing a short, time span auction with more interested parties than expected.
Ian’s knowledge & experience was evident in all that he did.



Effective and efficient without compromising on our wishes or his own values.

"When we were considering marketing our home we approached Ian North as we had previously successfully marketed a property with him.  We were pleased to find he had started his own business and also a Homeowners Club in order to better inform and assist his clients in buying and selling. After viewing our unusual property and listening to our specific needs, one being a long settlement period, Ian helped us with his trademark straightforward attitude to market to a specific sector giving us a speedy and highly satisfactory result. We particularly liked being kept informed every step of the way by Ian as this helped us keep things in perspective and deal with any issues as they arose in a positive way. We will happily recommend Ian and the team at Northies Real Estate to sellers who wish to have an agent who is both effective and efficient without compromising on their wishes or his own values."



I knew he was different!

Ian is easily one of the most earnest and conscientious Real Estate agents I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The moment I first met him when my mother and I enquired about purchasing the 161 Edgewater Drive property he was acting as the agent for, I knew he was different.
He had extensive historical knowledge about what the housing market has been like in over the many years he has worked as an agent, and he even remembered when we had purchased our previous family home on the same road over 15 years ago.
Ian was incredibly approachable and consistently went the extra mile to help out in any way he could. He would diligently answer all questions, sometimes repeatedly (when my mother had difficulty understanding English), and would travel to our home to discuss the property each time we had questions or requests. Not only did he know the property well, he was also refreshingly kind and lacked the air of pretentiousness many other Real Estate Agents had - you instinctively knew he was trustworthy.
He acted as an effective agent and mediator between the vendors and ourselves, and really guided us each step of the way in successfully landing our dream home. We have had our eye on 161 Edgewater Drive and its beautiful garden ever since we first moved into the neighbourhood, and Ian’s special brand of helpfulness really made the achievement even more enjoyable.



Genuine, honest and hardworking

Ian was very approachable and likeable. He was genuine, honest and hardworking. He even explained everything clearly. (Buyer)



We felt he was our friend.

He asked us for our opinions and listened. He made us feel proud of the house we were selling. Ian worked really hard at bringing people through at our convenience, and most of all, we felt he was our friend.



Was acting in my best interests.

Very organised and gave good, timely feedback on prospective buyers. Was reliable (and did what he said he would). Easy to communicate with.  Explanations were clear and to the point. I was always confident that Ian was acting in my best interests.

Lifestyle block in the Far North.


A pleasure to deal with – professional as well as nice!

I have had the pressure in using Ian North (Northies Real Estate) to sell a property in the far north. I found Ian to be one of the only Real estate companies willing and able to list and sell within a reasonable period of time. (I am still waiting for someone in Mike Pero in Kerikeri to get back to me!)
Ian is helpful and supplies loads of info for the seller from the website where he markets the property. Ian has gone way beyond his roll of listing agent to help secure a sale including engaging professionals when needed. (I was overseas at the time)
Even my solicitor remarked ‘Ian is a real pleasure to deal with, professional as well as nice”
I highly recommend him.

110 Gossamer Drive


A joy and less stress to work with!

When it came time to sell our rental before our trip to Europe, I did not have to think twice about who I would have to be in charge of representing my interests. Ian has got to be the most knowledgeable real estate person in the Eastern Suburb market. I found working with him a joy and less stress. He had a calm attitude to handle any situation. I felt like he was there to help me during every step of the processes. He emanates a sense of trust and worthiness that makes you feel very secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. Ian is a true professional in every sense of the word, and puts his client's interests far above his own.
I am very happy to give Ian my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to sell their property or even buy one. His in-depth knowledge and his caring nature, calmness and confidence in selling, as well as his after sales service, places him in an enviable position from where he will take advantage of opportunities for his clients which others can only dream about. This alone sets him apart from all his fellow agents in the areas.
Thank you very much for a quick sale within a month. So we then could have a stress free holiday in Europe.