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Tenancy Application form

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  1. Complete all the details required in the form.
  2. Email to “”


Northies Rental Property Management

Landlords – thinking of letting?

Decide on the conditions of tenancy.

  • Pets?
  • Smokers?
  • Lawns?
  • Gardens?

Decide the wording for your advertisement.

  • Facilities
  • Benefits
  • Features

Complete maintenance or repairs needed.

  • Review interior
  • Review exterior

Open a separate bank account for the rent.

  • Payment details for tenant to pay to you.
  • Direct debit form for tenant to complete.

Check your insurance policy.

  • Establish prior to tenancy

Get a Pre-tenancy application form.

  • Have copies for tenant, and yourself.

Get a Residential Tenancy Agreement.

  • Have copies for tenant and yourself
  • Get a Bond lodgement form.
  • Have copies for tenant and yourself.

Set up tradespeople for repairs.

  • Plumber:
  • Electrician:
  • Groundsperson:
  • Carpenter: