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Northies Homeowners Club

“Even my solicitor remarked ‘Ian is a real pleasure to deal with, professional as well as nice”

I would like to introduce you to something special!
It is Northies Homeowners Club!
You are rewarded for the loyalty you show by joining!
Members register their details and those of the property or properties they want Northies Real Estate to sell for them.

Discounts on the standard company commission


Keep you informed with Northies News

Special awareness sessions

Custom profile and information pack for your property

A special effort to keep you informed with Northies News each month which include:

  • The current trends in real estate.
  • Some “Did You Know…?” issues of real estate.
  • The recent changes to rules and regulations that you may not know about.
  • An opportunity to learn more by getting asking questions.

Special awareness sessions, in your home, on anything you want to know about:

Sessions are held at times convenient to you.
You can nominate the information you want to know about.
Sessions held once a month.

A specially prepared profile and information pack for your property.

And best of all – a discount on the standard company commission for selling your home or property:

  • Members for 1 month receive a 5% discount.
  • Members for 2 – 3 months receive a 10% discount.
  • Members for 4 – 5 months receive a 15% discount.
  • Members for 6+ months receive a 20 % discount.

(The standard Northies commission rate is 3% for 1st $500,000 2% on 2nd $500,000 and 1% on the balance plus GST.)

Become A Member Today

Sign-up online or simply call Ian to help. Your details will be checked with you, then you will be entered into the membership register and your programme will begin!

Sign Up

Some Points to Note:

  1. You are not held to the proposed sale date. It is to assist in the planning of your membership programme.
  2. The address of the property intended for sale is needed so that we can check different aspects of the property together and to ensure the discount is off the right sale.
  3. The awareness sessions are held to get to know all about your property, and you to get to know all about the selling of it.
  4. The discount will not apply if you ask Northies to share commission with another company.